Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi / Bamboo Characoal Ink Sample 2ml

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Our ink samples in 2ml format are a great choice for anyone who wants to try out lots of inks without buying a whole bottle. Often you only realize after buying an ink that you don't like it when writing. We want to help you avoid bad purchases and dive deeper into the world of fine writing.

The iroshizuku ink is characterized by the highest ink quality. It is particularly soft writing, so that the fountain pen glides smoothly over the paper. In 1918, the first PILOT ink was developed by Ryosuke Namiki, one of the two founders of the brand. Since then, it has been our endeavor to constantly refine the PILOT ink and to offer with the iroshizuku ink a particularly high-quality ink that withstands any demands.

Not only the ink is exquisite, also its ink bottle is nobly processed. It convinces on the one hand with its elegant look and on the other hand with its characteristic functionality. The bottom of the bottle has a conical depression, so that the ink can be absorbed down to the last drop of ink by means of a converter. Versatile, high quality, functional and elegant at the same time - that's what iroshizuku stands for!

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Product Details:
Color Take-Sumi / Bamboo Characoal
Capacity 2 ml