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Daily Writer by Elias Magin: Kaweco STEEL SPORT fountain pen

After using my Pelikan Souverän M800 Burnt Orange for years, I wanted a more handy, robust, but at the same time noble fountain pen to do my daily tasks with.This...

After using my Pelikan Souverän M800 Burnt Orange for years, I wanted a more handy, robust, but at the same time noble fountain pen to do my daily tasks with.

This is where the Kaweco STEEL SPORT caught my eye.

With its brushed stainless steel surface, the fountain pen is extremely robust, and its simple octagonal design focuses on restraint. The pocket fountain pen is reduced to the minimum and convinces with its stainless steel material. It's a pen that can easily be bequeathed to the next generation. With its closed size of only 10.5 cm, it can be optimally stored in my organizer and the screwed cap guarantees that the pen does not accidentally open and leak. For longer writing passages, I also like to post the pen and thus have a 13 cm long and fully-fledged fountain pen in my hand.

Brand: Kaweco


Color: Silver

Nib: Stainless Steel, M (medium)

Filling System: Cartridge / Converter

Despite the small size, the fountain pen made of stainless steel has a decent weight of 41 grams. Personally, I prefer to write in everyday life with the nib size M (medium) made of steel, which glides super easily and softly over the paper.

However, the Kaweco STEEL SPORT is available in five different nib sizes: EF, F, M, B and BB. Thus, the right size is available for every user and application. The 060 screw modules are compatible and for the freaks among us, it is also possible to upgrade the Kaweco STEEL SPORT with a 14 carat gold nib without any problems.

For my part, I'm happy to do without a clip because I like the slim, octagonal design extremely well. Nevertheless, the clip is a very affordable alternative to make the fountain pen a little more personal and for those who like to wear the pen in their shirt or jacket, of course, very practical.

Back to the octagonal design: this naturally means that the pen doesn't roll away even when you quickly put it down and is where you want it to be, with or without the clip.

If, unlike me, you don't keep your fountain pen in an organizer, you should reach for one of Kaweco's genuine leather cases. The Eco case for the SPORT models is available in a version for one or two writing instruments and can be purchased in a wide range of colors cheap, but very high quality made of Italian leather.

Last but not least, I would like to take a look at the filling system. In the Kaweco STEEL SPORT fits the Mini converter from Kaweco with a filling capacity of 0.47 ml. Optionally, you can fall back on the ink cartridges from Kaweco to risk no dirty hands. Kaweco offers a choice of ten colors for the inks and ink cartridges and this will certainly be expanded in the future. You can find all variants in our store here.

Anyone who chooses a Kaweco is relying on tradition since 1983. The Kaweco STEEL SPORT embodies the values of the German shepherd dog named as the heraldic animal in 1945: reliable and loyal. Slogans such as "classic design and high-quality workmanship" are put into practice and you can literally feel them in your hand. In our eyes, Kaweco is already much more than just another German writing instrument brand, beaten off by the big brands like LAMY and Pelikan.

Kaweco offers a really inexpensive and wide range of writing instruments with great accessories. Here you are flexible, whether you prefer a clip, ink cartridges or converters. Also in the other accessories like the leather cases Kaweco convinces with great quality, Made in Germany.


Elias Magin

employee at missing-pen


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