Engraving Service

How much does an engraving cost?
We charge a fee of EUR 12.00 per engraving. For international customers, this amount differs slightly in the respective foreign currency.


Who is an engraved writing instrument suitable for?
An engraved writing instrument is suitable as a gift for business partners, colleagues or friends. For example, for a promotion, a successfully concluded contract or to sign at the registry office. Writing instruments are usually engraved with the name or initials of the recipient. However, short messages can also be engraved. The engraving turns the gift into something personal that will be remembered every time it is used.


How do I add an engraving?
For all writing instruments that are suitable for engraving, you will find the engraving option on the product page under the “Add to cart" button. As soon as you have decided on this, your desired engraving will be added in three easy steps.

  1. Add engraving text
  2. Select the font
  3. Select writing hand

    What fonts are available?
    We offer three different fonts to choose from. The sample images below will give you an overview. Would you like a specific font? Then please fill out our contact form and we will try to make this possible. If you have a larger engraving order, please also contact us.

    1. Print font
    2. Cursive font
    3. Calligraphy font



    Where is the engraving positioned?

    The engraving is either placed on the clip or on the side of the cap. Up to 10 characters are possible on the clip and up to 18 characters on the cap. We also take your writing hand into account. The following examples show how the engravings differ for right and left-handers.


    How long does an engraving last?
    That depends on the material being engraved. Engravings on metal do not wear out and last a lifetime. For engravings on precious resin or ABS plastic, we usually work with what is known as an inlay paste. This is applied in a color that matches the clip of the writing instrument. This makes the engraving clearly visible. After several hours of drying, a quick polish is applied and the engraving is finished. The lining paste can wear off after several years of use. Recoloring is possible without any problems.


    How we engrave writing instruments at missing-pen
    We work exclusively with a modern and high-precision dual laser engraving machine to achieve perfect results for you. This has an electric rotating device into which the writing instrument is clamped. As a result, every curve is taken into account and we can fulfill almost any customer request.


    Legal information on engraved writing instruments
    Please note that personalized items cannot be exchanged or returned. Due to the individualization we have no possibility to continue offering the article. We refer to §312g paragraph 2 sentence 1 BGB. Thank you for your understanding!