Diplomat Aero Stripes Black Fountain Pen

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The Diplomat Aero is a premium writing instrument with an exclusive cap mechanism called "Soft Sliding Click". The high-quality housing is made of aluminum. The shape of the fountain pen is unmistakable. Depending on the color, the fountain pen looks more subtle or a little more conspicuous.

You can choose between the 14K nib and the stainless steel nib.

The Fountain Pen will be delivered in a nice gift box including two cartridges, ready to write.

SKU: D40318025

Nib Size: EF
Nib Material: Steel
Nib Size: EF
Nib Material: Steel

Product information

Product Details:
Filling System Cartridges / Converter
Nib Steel / 14K Gold
Material Aluminium
Closure Type Snap Cap (Soft Sliding Click)
Length 14,0 cm
Weight 42,0 g