Diplomat Elox Ring Black Blue Fountain Pen

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This new writing instrument was developed based on the DNA of the Aero, but with a completely different and futuristic style. The name “ELOX” is based on the German word „eloxieren“ which means “anodize”. We chose this name to emphasize that once again we have innovate using a very unique double anodizing process, to make this pen. A full black anodization of the rings, then a second one in orange, provides these matt shiny colors. The nib section is also in orange anodized material.

Nib Size: EF
Nib Material: Steel
Nib Size: EF
Nib Material: Steel

Product information

Product Details:
Filling System Cartridges / Converter
Nib Stainless Steel / 14K Gold
Material Aluminium
Closure Type Snap Cap (Soft Sliding Click)
Length 14,0 cm
Weight 42,0 g