Graf von Faber-Castell

Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Macassar Fountain Pen 18K gold nib

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The history of Graf von Faber-Castell goes back to 1761. The barrel of the classic series is made out of precious woods, so every pen is a unique. That's something really special because no one will have exactly the same pen as you. It has a 18K gold nib which is inscribed by hand, as every gold nib by Graf von Faber-Castell. The metal parts are platinum plated. This Fountain Pen comes with a converter inside. Elevate your writing experience with the Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Macassar Wood Fountain Pen. Each pen is crafted with a unique barrel made from precious woods, ensuring that you have a one-of-a-kind writing instrument. The 18K gold nib is meticulously inscribed by hand by Graf von Faber-Castell, a testament to their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Plus, the metal parts are plated with platinum for added elegance. You'll love the smooth and effortless writing experience this pen provides, especially with the added convenience of a converter inside.

Nib Size: EF
Nib Size: EF

Product information

Product Details:
Filling System Cartridges / Converter
Nib 18K Gold
Material Macassar Wood
Closure Type Screw Cap
Length 13,7 cm
Weight 37,0 g