Kaweco 060 Rhodium Plated Gold Nib Section 14K

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High-quality artistry meets precious materials: The Kaweco 14 Karat rhodium-plated gold nib is made in Germany and sanded and tested by hand. The perfect interplay between the rhodium-plated golden material and the Kaweco ink feed guarantees a delicate and flexible writing feeling. You’ll find a beautiful engraving with the historical Kaweco motif and the sizing on the nib. Five nib sizes from Extra Fine to Extra Broad are available.

Thanks to the screwing mechanism in Kaweco writing instruments of the middle and higher price range, the nib section can be changed quickly and enables the use of a wide variety of nibs. The Premium Steel Nib has a 060 thread and fits in our metal Sport series like AL Sport, in our Liliput or the long writing instrument series, e.g. Dia2, Student or Special.

Nib Size: EF
Nib Size: EF

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