Kaweco AC SPORT Red Mechanical Pencil 0.7 mm

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Of course, red, probably the most popular colour for jet cars, should not be missing in our AC Sport series. The mechanical pencil is equipped with a black logo cap and a silver nib.

A mechanical pencil completes the series with a 0.7mm line width. The Kaweco refills have the medium hardness HB. Its high-quality and precise mechanism comes from Japan.

The high-quality aluminium grants a unique haptic experience. The inlays and components made of carbon imparts a luxurious look and reduce the weight.

Item no.: 10000354

EAN: 4250278604080

Product information

Product Details:
Mechanism Push
Lead 0.7 mm
Material Aluminium / Carbon
Length 11,0 cm
Weight 24,0 g