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Kaweco AL SPORT Silver Mechanical Pencil 0.7 mm

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The AL Sport mechanical pencil in silver is extremely hand-flattering. The silky and shiny surface appears cool and elegant. It is a perfect accessory for everyday use in the office, daily life, and leisure.


The AL Sport series's metallic body is made of high-quality aluminium and grants a unique haptic experience. Its fine surface imparts elegance.


With a line width of 0.7 mm, the mechanical pencil is perfect for sketching ideas and drawing. Due to the push mechanism, the refill is never dull and therefore ideal for travelling, as you never have to re-sharpen it. The wide barrel protects the lead from cracking. Its high-quality and precise mechanism comes from Japan.


The Kaweco refills have the medium hardness grade HB. As a suitable addition, there are pouches made from leather for one or two Kawecos. They protect the pen from scratching while on the go, during transport in your pocket or bag. If you like your pencil compactly attached to a notebook, you can equip the mechanical pencil with a clip in silver, gold, bronze or black.


Item no.: 10001604

EAN: 4250278614850

Product information

Product Details:
Mechanism Push
Lead 0.7 mm
Material Aluminium
Length 11,0 cm
Weight 26,0 g