Kaweco ART SPORT Pebble Blue Fountain Pen

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The Kaweco Sport model in stylish blue

An excellent writingexperiencein its mostimpressive way–the Kaweco Art Sport fountain pen in the colour Pebble Blue bursts with timeless elegance. The interplay of the deep black and the blue shimmering inlays makes the writing instrument made from high-quality acrylic a particularly noble collectible and eye-catcher. The different intensities of the blue shade and the glossy, highly polished surface create a fascinating excitement and depth. Unique textures arise through the artfully pouringprocess. Therefore, no two writing instruments are alike. The silver-plated elements give it a cool lookand accentuate the stylish colour combination. The permanently mounted clip guarantees a secure hold of the pen when on the go or on the writing pad.

In 1911 something remarkable by the name of Kaweco Sport was created. The pocket-sized fountain pen only measures 10.5 cm when closed. Therefore, you can easily take it anywhere. With the cap attached, it extends to an average size of 13 cm. For the personal touch, the fountain pen is equipped with your desired nib size, ranging from extra fine(EF) to extra broad(BB). For beginners, we recommend nib size M. With the integrated screwing mechanism, the nibs can be changed easily to another nib size or nib material afterwards. All nibs are produced in Germany.

Nib Size: EF
Mini Converter: Yes
Nib Size: EF
Mini Converter: Yes

Product information

Product Details:
Filling System Cartridges / Converter
Nib Stainless Steel
Material Acrylic
Closure Type Screw Cap
Length 10,5 cm
Weight 13,0 g