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During our childhood, we grew up with writing, drawing and sketching on paper. However, the elegance of handwriting was reserved for our hands only. Digital imitation, especially where and with what amount of pressure the pen is placed and glides on a tablet, is a technical challenge. This challenge can now be met with the help of smart technologies. One of them is Wacom's EMR technology, which is based on electromagnetic resonance. With the help of sensors, an electromagnetic signal is detected, which combined with an alternating grid pattern generates a magnetic field. The magnetic field is reduced to approximately 5 mm above the surface of the glass and can thus register the position of the writing instrument as well as the angle and pressure.
Based on this technology, together with Wacom, we developed the Connect EMR Insert for the Kaweco Al Sport Rollerball or Fountain Pen. By simple screwing, the roller ball or fountain pen can be transformed into a digital stylus in the popular shape of a Kaweco Sport. As an alternative, it is available as a complete digital stylus integrated in a black AL Sport pen already.

The EMR technology in the grip section of the Connect EMR insert has more than 4000 pressure levels. Therefore pixel-exact writing, typing and/or drawing with a suitable software, e. g. Photoshop or Inkscape, are possible. The pen never needs to be charged and is always ready to go.

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