Kaweco DIA2 Gold Connect Disc

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If you don't want to do without the feel of the Kaweco fountain pen, you can equip yourself with the DIA2 Connect Disc Gold in the look of a fountain pen. The writing instrument is particularly suitable for millimetre accuracy on all smartphones and tablets with touch function. With much greater precision, you can edit images, navigate through apps or work on your tablet - the DIA2 Connect Disc Gold makes it the easiest thing to do. Due to the transparent and flexibly movable disc at the end of the insert, it is possible to see which point the Kaweco style starts to write precisely. In addition, the disc provides exceptional stability, which makes straight lines the most straightforward exercise.


With the screw-on cap, the digital writing instrument becomes the ideal companion for home, on the go or in the office.


Enough of digital writing, painting and drawing? Then remove the Connect insert and screw in the fountain pen insert. Ink in and off you go - traditionally on paper.


Note: The inserts from Kaweco are compatible with all devices with touch function and can be used independently of the software.


Item no.: 10002045

EAN: 4250278622909

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Color Black
Material Resin
Length 13,0 cm
Weight 27,0 g