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Kaweco SKETCH UP Brilliant Pencil 5.6 mm

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The metallic body made from high-quality processed brass with an elegant brilliant surface gives the pencil its unique look and feel. The pen not only lies comfortably in hand, but it further convinces its optics. A play of light and shadow occurs on the pen by light reflections on the polished surfaces.

This model is preferably used for technical and artistic drawing. The high-quality mechanics hold a mine with a line thickness of 5. 6 mm in the very soft hardness grade 5B. This characteristic makes it exceptionally light and vibrating. With the push button's integrated sharpener, the pencil is always ready for no matter where you are.

The graphite leads in hardness grade 5B are available as a refill pack for the Sketch Up clutch pencil. The assortment includes all-purpose leads, which are suitable for various substrates. They are available in blue, red and green. Alternatively, with our Highlighter-leads, text passages can be marked strikingly and visibly.

Of course, the Sketch Up Clutch Pencil can also be used as a corrector with our 5.6 mm eraser cords. Please make sure to clean thoroughly between the use of graphite leads and corrector cords, so there won't be any graphite residues.

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EAN: 4250278611996

1 pack black leads: Yes
1 pack black leads: Yes

Product information

Product Details:
Mechanism Clutch
Lead 5.6 mm
Material Brass
Length 10,3 cm
Weight 44,0 g