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Pelikan Edelstein® Golden Lapis Ink Bottle 50ml - Ink of the Year 2024

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As part of its own DNA, Pelikan has been an expert in the development of high-quality ink formulations for over 185 years. The Edelstein Ink Collection is a special ink development. Pelikan has set a high standard with this extraordinary ink collection. The noble bottle is based on the design of a perfume bottle and stands for itself as a high-quality icon. Filled with the gemstone ink, which is inspired in its color variety from the world of gemstones, offers on the one hand very appealing writing colors and in addition also a particularly soft writing feel due to a special additive in the formula. So your thoughts fly very softly on the paper. The Edelstein ink of the year is an enchanting color combination of a vibrant blue tone refined with a golden shimmer. The Golden Lapis gemstone was once considered a juwel for kings and was associated with strength, wisdom and protection from negative influences. To this day, golden lapis is also a symbol of inner peace and emotional balance. This balance of a powerful and calming color effect gives the handwriting a special expressiveness. The golden shimmering elements in the ink flow randomly, giving the writing ever-changing expressions of color.

Brillant ink in gemstone related colors; extraordinary smooth writing feeling by a special ink receipe; Takes care of the inner parts of the fountain pen; Edelstein Ink in a fine glass flacon; Ink of the Year 2024: Golden Lapis (blue-golden); Made in Germany;

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Product Details:
Color Blue with golden Flakes
Capacity 50 ml