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The multi-functional app Neo Studio, which opens the door to the fantastic possibilities of the digital world of writing for the LAMY digital paper, is available as a free download from Google Play™ or the App Store™.

The LAMY digital paper notebook, size 145 x 210 mm, contains 192 pages of ink-permeable acid-free 80-gram paper bound in thread stitching, ivory color with pale gray dot ruling. 8 detachable pages, 2 textile ribbons as bookmarks, a folding pocket on the inside of the spine to store notes, business cards or similar small items as well as the elastic band to hold it together and the holding pocket for the LAMY safari all black ncode offer all the comfort of a notebook as a daily companion.

The LAMY safari all black ncode smartpen is based on the successful design classic LAMY safari all black rollerball pen with the proven ergonomic grip for fatigue-free writing, as well as the distinctive and robust clip for attaching the writing instrument. The LAMY safari all black ncode can also be used with the refills M 21 in black

(included with purchase), blue, red or green.

The new LAMY safari all black ncode bridges the gap between the analog notebook and the unlimited world of digital processing. In cooperation with Lamy, the Korean technology company NeoLAB Convergence is launching an optoelectronic writing system.

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