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Otto Hutt

Otto Hutt Blue Ocean / Hyacinth Ink Bottle 30ml

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Blue Ocean transfers the feeling of freedom and infinity of the ocean directly to the paper. The intense blue shade of the ink reminds of the limitless expanse of the sea and creates an atmosphere of calm and serenity that stimulates the senses. The scent of hyacinths brings the beauty of nature into the writing experience and gives a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Otto Hutt offers an extensive range of exclusive inks with a wide range of varied colours and fragrances. The inks are of the highest quality and offer clear character recognition to ensure a perfect experience when writing and drawing with fountain pens. The fragrance provides a pleasant sensory experience and relaxation while using the inks. A harmonious overall image is created by combining natural colors and scents. The inks are available in stylish design jars of 30ml.

Item no.: 156-11715

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Product Details:
Color Blue Ocean / Hyacinth
Capacity 30 ml