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Otto Hutt

Otto Hutt Design 03 Allblack PVD Fountain Pen

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Nostalgic. straight. groundbreaking. Perfectly shaped, with a balanced weight distribution, the fountain pen from Otto Hutt design03 lies perfectly in the hand.

From the cap to the barrel, the design03 speaks a language that connects past and present and yet is easily understood.

The handcrafted production of the design03 reflects the connection between the history of craftsmanship and the present: the processing of the brass elements plays a special role. The barrel sleeve is shaped with precision CNC turning before being bead blasted for a matte finish. The cap sleeve is milled from a piece of brass and then refined, the decor is partially varnished and partially milled in order to give the writing instrument a straight look.

Every product from the Otto Hutt brand is unique, provided with a six-digit number code, which is engraved in the clip ring. An Otto Hutt writing instrument belongs to its owner, anytime, anywhere, unmistakably and - for life.

The fountain pen comes in a nice packaging including a converter & 1 cartridge, ready to write.

EF item no.: 038-18796 / EAN: 4250420820313

F item no.: 028-18796 / EAN: 4250420820290

M item no.: 018-18796 / EAN: 4250420820283

B item no.: 068-18796 / EAN: 4250420820306

18K EF item no.: 038-18797 / EAN: 4250420820351

18K F item no.: 028-18797 / EAN: 4250420820337

18K M item no.: 018-18797 / EAN: 4250420820320

18K B item no.: 068-18797 / EAN: 4250420820344


Engraved writing instruments cannot be returned or exchanged. Engraving extends the shipping time by 1-2 days. You can find more information about our engraving service here.

Nib Size
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Product information

Product Details:
Filling System Cartridges / Converter
Nib Stainless Steel / 18K Gold
Material Brass
Closure Type Snap Cap
Length 14,0 cm
Weight 56 g