Pelikan M1000 Maki-e Ivy and Komon Fountain Pen

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The limited edition “Ivy and Komon” shows the climber plant Ivy combined with Komon that is a very beautiful and traditional pattern. Ivy is often written about in poems because of its glossy, beautiful autumn leaves, and was often used as decoration, covering the exterior walls of buildings. The so-called Komon is one of the traditional Japanese kimono patterns in which the same pattern is dyed repeatedly in the same direction. The Pelikan Maki-e fountain pen “Ivy and Komon” has brilliant orange ivy covering the fountain pen, and in combination with the Komon patterns, it depicts a beautiful autumn. With the experience of decades, the famous Souverän model M1000
is made in Germany and decorated in Japan. The model “Ivy and Komon” is a masterpiece with a finely chased 18 carat gold nib, in the nib size M. Each fountain pen is individually signed by the artist. The Maki-e fountain pen “Ivy and Komon” is launched in a limited edition of only 123 pieces worldwide. Each piece is embedded in an exclusive gift case made of traditional Japanese Paulownia wood.

High-quality piston fountain pen; Limited Edition, only 123 pieces available wordwide; painted with Maki-e technique and signed by the Maki-e artist; finely chased 18 carat gold nib, Particularly soft writing feeling; With typical Pelikan beak-like designed clip; Nib: M (medium); Made in Germany and painted in Japan


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Product information

Product Details:
Filling System Piston
Nib 18K Gold, M (medium)
Material Resin / Urushi Lacquer / Maki-e
Closure Type Screw Cap
Length 14,7 cm
Weight 35,0 g