Pelikan Pura® K40 Violet Ballpoint Pen

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Straight-lined. Simple. Pure. This is how unmistakably the Pura shows itself from the cap to the barrel. The balanced combination of matte and shiny surfaces refines the aluminum writing instrument into a discreetly elegant silhouette. The solid, spring-loaded silver clip on the cap subtly accentuates the straight-lined shape design of the pen. The ballpoint pen with twist mechanism is equipped with an international king size refill with black colored and in accordance with ISO 12757-2 document-proof ink.

Ballpoint pen with twist mechanism; High-grade, anodized Aluminum barrel with matte and glossy surface finish; Robust clip due to spring mounted installation; Replaceable king-size refill; Black colored and in accordance with ISO 12757-2 document-proof ink

Product information

Product Details:
Mechanism Twist
Refill Pelikan 337
Material Aluminium
Length 13,6 cm
Weight 32,0 g