Pelikan Souverän® M605 Stresemann Fountain Pen 14K gold nib

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Souverän Stresemann is dedicated to the Foreign Minister of the Weimar Republic, Gustav Stresemann (1878 - 1929), who together with the French Foreign Minister Aristide Briand received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1926. Gustav Stresemann is known not only for his extraordinary political career, but also for the design of a suit named after him. The Stresemann suit consists of striped black and gray trousers and a single-breasted jacket in black or anthracite. The vernacular has also called the striped sovereign Stresemann for decades, so Pelikan named the Souverän with elegant stripes of anthracite. The new series in size 400 consists of a piston fountain pen, a ballpoint pen and a rollerball pen and will be included in the standard collection. A characteristic feature of this series is the striped barrel with its subtle stripes in anthracite. The decorative elements are finished with palladium.

Fine writing fountain pen; Black-Anthracite striped material in combination with silver decoration elements; 14ct-Gold nib completely rhodanized; Extra smooth writing experience; With typical Pelikan beak-like clip; product color: Black-Anthracite; Made in Germany

Nib Size: EF
Nib Size: EF

Product information

Product Details:
Filling System Piston
Nib 14K Gold (Rhodium Plated)
Material Resin
Closure Type Screw Cap
Length 13,4 cm
Weight 16,0 g