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Pelikan Souverän® R805 Stresemann Rollerball Pen

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A Key Personality - Gustav Stresemann
On top of his outstanding political career, among other things as Germany´s foreign minister during the 1920s, Stresemann was also known for a particular suit design. This suit that was ideal for official appearances, yet that could also be worn casually in the office. At the same time, Pelikan and its pinstriped fountain pens were beginning to take the world by storm and people came to refer to the latter as ""Stresemann"" too, consequently gaining a personality of their own. Today, both the suit as well as these fountain pens bear Stresemann´s name. To pay tribute to this legend, Pelikan has officially christened the Souverän with stylish anthracite pinstripes the ""Stresemann"".
Souverän® 805 Stresemann
The production of the Souverän sleeve is subject to an elaborate process. The typical, striped material is made out of cotton based on a formula developed specially for Pelikan. It takes month until the block providing the stripes is finished, whereupon the tailor-made plating is curved and cut into a contour using a natural diamond. The characteristic double rings are then integrated into the cap and barrel with the utmost precision. The writing instrument is then polished until it reaches a brilliant luster. The rollerball R805 comes with a black rollerball refill.

Rollerball ; Replaceable refill ; Palladium-plated highlights ; Individual striped cellulose acetate material ; Diamond cut, high-grade resin casing ; Made in Germany

Product information

Product Details:
Closure Type Screw Cap
Refill Pelikan 338
Material Resin
Length 14,2 cm
Weight 29,0 g