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Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Cartridges 6-Pack Murasaki-Shikibu / Japanese Beautyberry

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Finally, the time has come - the popular iroshizuku inks are now also available as practical cartridges. For anyone who found refilling with the ink bottle too complicated or time-consuming, the ink cartridges offer the perfect solution! Twelve colors of the popular iroshizuku inks are available in a set of six cartridges - ideal for refilling your fountain pen such as the PILOT Capless or Falcon on the go. One cartridge has a filling volume of 0.9 ml and is therefore sufficient for numerous pages, e.g. in your notebook.

By the way, the word "iroshizuku" comes from Japanese and can be translated as "drop of color". So every color nuance of the iroshizuku cartridges can be found in the Japanese nature. From gray to blue to green, there is something for everyone! Due to the water-based ink, the cartridges have unique flow properties and are also low-odor.

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Product information

Product Details:
Color Murasaki-Shikibu / Japanese Beautyberry
Capacity 0,9 ml each