Platinum #3776 Century Fuji Unkei Uroko-Gumo Fountain Pen 14K gold nib

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To celebrate the release of Platinum Penʼs flagship model, the #3776 CENTURY, a series of fountain pens called “Fuji Five Lakes” was created from 2011 to 2016, followed by the “Fuji Shunkei” series from 2017 to 2021, which showcased the beautiful seasonal scenes of Mt. Fuji on the body of the pens using an advanced cutting technique. And now in 2023, a new series is being introduced: “Fuji Unkei.”

Inspired by the incredible scenery of Mt. Fuji surrounded by wispy clouds, this series is designed to capture this natural wonder using a variety of decorative techniques. The debut pen in the Fuji Unkei series is the “Uroko-Gumo.”

The body of the new fountain pen has been cut into an irregular pattern in contrast to the regular patterns featured in the Fuji Shunkei series in order to capture the beauty and uniqueness of cirrocumulus clouds (“Uroko-Gumo” in Japanese). Incorporating slight indentations on the body produces a complex play of light and reflection on the pen body, creating a natural, beautiful aesthetic. The shadows cast by light passing through the body of the pen are reminiscent of cirrocumulus clouds and are sure to captivate.

For the first time in the #3776 CENTURY series, features a bi-colored design with different colors for the cap and body. The stylish dark blue-grey cap represents the surface of Mt. Fuji colored by seasons and time while the contrasting clear body features an intricately carved design.

The special edition packaging features an image of cirrocumulus clouds. The set also includes a converter, an ink cartridge and a special colored ink, called Aka-Fuji.

The #3776 CENTURY Fuji Unkei series fountain pen comes with a 20ml-bottle of specially blended Aka-Fuji ink to commemorate its release. Aka-Fuji (Red Fuji) - which takes its name from the famous painting "Gaifu Kaisei," also known as Aka-Fuji, by Katsushika Hokusai, a well-known Japanese artist and ukiyo-e painter and printmaker of the Edo period - features a unique gradation where the green color appears to change to a reddish tint with the addition of light, thereby mimicking the painting.

Nib Size: F
Nib Size: F

Product information

Product Details:
Filling System Converter / Cartridges
Nib 14K Gold
Material Resin
Closure Type Screw Cap
Length 14,0 cm
Weight 21,0 g