Platinum Procyon Luster Black Mist Fountain Pen

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The name “Procyon” is originated from the constellation of Canis Minor. The concept of shining fountain pen brings a new excitement to our business scene and/or our daily routines. New concept, new challenges. The Slip Seal mechanism allows the writer to get back on paper straight away without any dryness of its nib. The ideal weight balance of aluminium textured body and defined pen nib triggers the joy of writing and eventually touching into the joy of holding the pen in your hand. Procyon is desired for both male and female.

We have many colors of matching ink cartridges in stock. Or you can order an additional converter (700A or 800A) to use bottled ink. You can choose between the nib size F (fine) and M (medium). The pen is fitted with a solid writing stainless steel nib.

Item no.: PNS-8000, #1 F 1749012 / M 1749013

Nib Size: F
Nib Size: F

Product information

Product Details:
Filling System Converter / Cartridges
Nib Stainless Steel
Material Aluminium
Closure Type Screw Cap
Length 13,9 cm
Weight 23,0 g