Visconti Opera Gold Red Fountain Pen

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The design of the Visconti Opera Gold fountain pen is inspired by the other models of the opera series. The trims of this model are matte gold and the acrylic resin surface in black, red or blue blurs again and again with gold tones which is fascinating to look at.

The pen is handcarfted in Italy with a great polished finish. The pen gets inked by the double reservoir filling system and the hook safe lock closing mechanism keeps the nib safe from drying out. There's a small ink window right under the grip section. So you always know when it's time to refill the pen.

Each pen is unique. It comes with a large gold plated stainless steel nib & you can choose between three nib sizes: F (fine), M (medium) or B (broad).

Item no.: KP42.01 F, KP42.01 M, KP42.01 B

Nib Size: F
Nib Size: F

Product information

Product Details:
Filling System Double Reservoir Power Filler
Nib Stainless Steel
Material Acrylic Resin / Brass
Closure Type Hook Safe Lock
Length 15,1 cm
Weight 49,0 g